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Concierge Data (Data*, Pricing, & Scrubbing)

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Have you ever wanted an “easy button” for downloading, scrubbing, and pricing your data? Well, here it is! You don’t have to worry about spending countless hours scrubbing data and analyzing market prices anymore!

Concierge Data does not include (Mail Merge or Mailing).

Concierge Data is available for Land only! Please review the full description below before placing your order.

Hint: For fields in the order form that don’t apply, type “NA” to skip

*If providing a list – the order quantity should match the total number of lines in the data you submit to us!* 


We pull and scrub your data to ensure that you’re sending out the perfect Mailer. We remove duplicate owners, duplicate addresses, incomplete owners, incomplete mailing addresses, and non-US mailing addresses. We also remove owners that are poor fits for receiving Mailers such as land owned by the federal, state, and municipal government, among others. Removing owners that we determine to be poor fits maximizes the success rate of your Mailers and avoids wasting money on untenable offers. Other criteria can be screened out by request. After scrubbing, our expert team scrapes and aggregates data of all active and sold listings from Zillow that match your criteria (e.g. lot size, zip code, county) and use that data to calculate the market average price per acre (APPA) on a per zip code basis. We do this for each record in your dataset. After that’s completed, all you have to do is provide or enter your offer percentage and review the calculated offer price for each record. Finally, just place a Docs Ready or First-Class order to get your offers in the mail!

Order completion time is determined by the size of your dataset. Typically, orders are completed within 2 to 3 business days from the time of ordering (barring any delays).

Upon completion of your Concierge Data order, you will receive a ready-to-merge Excel file and the Excel file we used for computations (also referred to as the Comps file). The ready-to-merge file will include your offer percentages and calculated offer price if your offer percentage was provided when ordering. Otherwise, a placeholder percentage of 25% will be used. The Comps file includes the average price per acre (APPA) for each zip code within your dataset. Any removed outliers that were significantly above or below other listings within the same zip code will be set aside for you to review and adjust as you see fit.

Files are uploaded on the Checkout Page. If you are unsure of your criteria at the time of order, you can prepay and send us your criteria later (a great option whenever we’re running promotions), but your criteria must be sent to us within 60 days of ordering.

Price is based on the number of records downloaded from the data source or provided by the customer.

There is a 1000 unit order minimum.

Prepayment is accepted, but there is a 60 day deadline after ordering to submit chosen criteria.

Prepaid orders cannot be canceled after 7 days from the order date.

A 3.5% credit card processing fee is applied to all orders at checkout.

Offers2Owners and its affiliates are not responsible for the quality of your data or the outcome of your Mailer. Please choose your date criteria carefully for the best results. Results may vary. Additional data revisions are subject to an additional charge. Offers2Owners reserves the right to reject any submitted data.

4 reviews for Concierge Data (Data*, Pricing, & Scrubbing)

  1. Chuck Bernardes (verified owner)

    Staff interaction was pleasant and quick

  2. James Doughty (verified owner)

    We have purchased 26 parcels and sold 6.

  3. Scott Christofferson (verified owner)

    We received 2 purchase agreements back, bought one ourselves, sold it, and bought one with a funder for less than the offer price we offered and sold it also!

  4. Titus Hill (verified owner)

    The process was simple and a great value. I did my own pricing previously, but this was so much easier and it allowed me to focus on analysis and making good business decisions.

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