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Docs Ready (Two-Page)

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This is a 2-page letter (cover letter & offer page with signature block). This product is ideal for clients who have experience with the Offers2Owners services or similar companies.

Quantity should match the total number of lines in the data you submit to us.



Great for clients with their documents in order. You know what you are doing and realize it’s way faster, cheaper and better to sub this task out.

Regardless of the number of offers you send, it’s the same price. 100 order minimum, 2-page letter (cover letter & offer page with signature block).

Mail-merge assistance included!

3.5% credit card processing fee applied to all orders at checkout.

What is “Docs Ready”?
How To Get Your Docs In Order

3 reviews for Docs Ready (Two-Page)

  1. Luke Smith (verified owner)

    I use this all the time! Only problem is I get so many deals to process I don’t have time to come back and do more mail as much as I want to. Totally my fault. I’ll get better at processing the deals.

  2. Marisa Day

    As a Land Academy member, I have been waiting for this service and I’m so happy it’s here! Gen has been so hopeful with getting this set up here, and the whole experience has been so easy. Offers2Owners is a great addition to the package – thank you for bringing it to us!

  3. Mark Ebbing

    Now I don’t have to worry about getting hung up with the mail merge part of the process. Gen saved me! 1,800 offers went out and I started getting calls from interested sellers within a week.

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