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We have bought and sold over 15,000 properties by sending unsolicited offers since 1999.

Done correctly, this process yields predictable and consistent acquisition results.

Typically, we purchase one house for every 1,500 offers sent and one parcel of land for every 200 offers.*


O2O is Faster, Easier, & Less Expensive

than Managing your own Offer Campaigns


STEP 1 – Register…

This opens the line of communication with our offers experts…

We have sent out 1.4 million offers since 1999 and purchased more than 15,000 properties. We feel qualified to get your campaign in the mail quickly and properly.


If you need help, let us know at 800-725-8816.


STEP 2 – Start an Order…

Put yourself on our radar by starting an order…

Get the ball rolling no matter where you are in your property investment career. We will adjust to your level of experience and make sure you get your offer campaign done correctly.


If you need help, let us know at 800-725-8816.

STEP 3 – Watch Videos…

Learn to Mail Merge or leave it to us…

We love data and mail merging processing. We are geeks like that. You may be less enthusiastic and just want to do deals. These videos will help you determine which of the two products are for you: Full Service or Document Ready.



If you need help, let us know at 800-725-8816.

STEP 4 – Call Us!

Whether you are bored or dazzled by our videos, call us and let’s get your offers out there!

What sets us apart from other commercial printers is our mail merge service and the fact we know exactly what you are trying to accomplish. We will execute it perfectly on your behalf.

If you need help, let us know at 800-725-8816.

* We are professional real estate acquisition specialists, Steven Butala & Jill DeWit. Results from your offer campaign may vary depending on your proficiency level, patience with computers, and general ability to price offers to purchase appropriately. Most or all of these skills can be obtained through our family of companies at

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