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Smart Pricing Service (SFR Lists Only)

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This product is ideal for clients who have their docs ready and want to outsource the pricing aggregation to our trained staff based on the House Academy methodology. 

$0.10 per line. 100 unit minimum.

*Quantity should match total number of lines in the data you submit to us.*

You need a Land or House Academy Membership to use this Service

For your SFRs we will pull pricing from up to 5 sites: Zillow/Trulia, Redfin,,, and RealtyTrac.

Your data is in order. You know what you are doing and realize it's way faster, cheaper, and better to sub this task out.

This is the same process we use and that is covered in the House Academy 1.0: SFRs Education Program (Chapter 6)!

100 unit order minimum.

A 3.5% credit card processing fee is applied.

What is "Smart Pricing Service"?
How "Smart Pricing Service" Works


1 review for Smart Pricing Service (SFR Lists Only)

  1. Lisa Demyanovich (verified owner)

    I like the Smart Pricing Service! It’s a huge help. I’ve used this multiple times and it saves me a ton of time and hours of work that I would have to spend running comps. For such a cheap price it just makes sense to use it.

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