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Customer Reviews

"I’m so glad the O2O staff understands me. I am not a numbers or math person. Every month they help me to get offers in the mail and do what I do best; buy land!"
Kathleen Denault-Ridge
“I love the “turn-key” benefits I got from my experience with Offers2Owners. It was so reassuring to work with a team that understands my intent and can advise and guide me, rather than for all of that responsibility to fall on me, a newbie, to have to think of everything on my own.”
Brian Carmody
Land Investor
"If I can pull off half of these deals that I’ve generated through blind offers on MY FIRST MAILER, it would make as much in 2-3 months as my current salary does in 6."
Gerd P. Conner Jr.
Land Investor
“I am extremely impressed with how everything has gone with Offers2Owners. It is an amazing product. I love working with the team. I can’t praise them enough. They're extremely patient, have great follow through, and very helpful from beginning to end. I know that all of you have put a great deal of work into this product, and I want to make sure that Steve & Jill realize how much I appreciate this. I have tried to do this on my own when I was trying to do rehab/wholesaling for houses, and I wish I had this service back then. Everything about it, from top to bottom is amazing. I am very grateful, and I want to make sure you all know how happy I am that I found this product and chose to go with you guys. Thanks for everything you and everyone at the Buwit companies have done.”
Land Investor
"This team is amazing!! Very smart helpful and quick to respond. Between Amy and Aaron it's no wonder O2O is so successful"
Zach Shawcroft
land investor
"Above and beyond service!!! Thanks O2O for your help!!!!"
Land Investor
"Offers2Owners is so easy to use, it allows me to be a deal maker, not a mail merge expert."
Luke Smith

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