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 Read Me Before Ordering!

  • We use #10 windowed brown or white Envelopes.
  • Orders are processed within 24-72 business hours.
  • The delivery Time frame for Standard Postage is 7-14 Business Days. (No weekend delivery)
  • The delivery Time frame for First Class Postage is 1-3 Business Days. (Weekend delivery)
  • Scheduled Mailings must be Scheduled at least 3 business days in advance.
  • Undeliverables are credited back to your O2O account or within a credit code upon request.
  • We use USPS Standard Class postage & First Class (Live Stamp).
  • When trying to use your Prepaid Balance, You ONLY have to upload your files to the Order # folder via the Document Dashboard.
  • Member Discounts are for Land & House Academy Members If you think your Member Discount is incorrect please reach out to us at
  • Have any other questions send us an email at Or Start a chat with us on the left-hand side!

Thank you. Your file has been received. Our team will respond within 24 hours.