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Concierge Data


Have you ever wanted an “easy button” for scrubbing and pricing your data? Well, here it is! 

(DataTree Files Only)

Currently, Concierge Data is only available for Land.

Please review the full description below before placing your order.

Tip: Files are uploaded on the (Checkout Page)

**Quantity should match the total number of lines in the data you submit to us!**


We will “scrub” your data to remove bad addresses as well as any other criteria that you would like removed. Then our expert team scrapes all available and previously sold data from Zillow for each situs zip code in your dataset. You determine what your pricing criteria are, and it’s ready to mail. 

We typically scrub to remove the following:

  • Duplicate owner names,
  • Incomplete owner names
  • Duplicate addresses
  • Incomplete addresses
  • Non-US addresses
  • Outlier property values
  • Improvement percentage outliers
  • Market value outliers
  • County, city, or utility ownership

Currently, Concierge Data is only available for land. **Stay tuned, we’ll be adding housing and other use types soon!**

Offers2Owners and any of its affiliates are not responsible for the outcome of your mailer or the quality of the data. Please choose your data criteria carefully in order to get the use type that you want. Results may vary. Three data revisions permitted. Additional data revisions are subject to an additional charge. Offers2Owners reserves the right to reject any submitted data.

Price is based on the number of records downloaded from data source or provided by customer1000 unit order minimum. 

3.5% credit card processing fee applied to all orders at checkout.


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