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Concierge Data (Members)

Have you ever wanted an “easy button” to complete your custom blind offer campaigns to purchase undervalued real estate? Well, here it is!

Concierge Data our latest product to make buying land and selling it for more money, easier!

We created this product at the request of two types of Land Investors:

  1. You’re brand new and need help getting your first few mailers out…
  2. You’re an experienced land investor and would like to explore “outsourcing” the data/mail part of your business so you can concentrate on managing existing deals.

Here’s how to complete a custom Concierge Data order

  • Determine your tier of service from (Pricing & Scrubbing to Pricing, Data, Scrubbing, and Mailing)
  • Provide us with Criteria or Files
  • Provide us with your Offer Percentage
  • Choose Postage Class (If mailing selected)
  • Sit back and let our experts handle the reset

Either way, it’s the first step to getting offers in the mail. Call us! 

We will help you no matter where you are in your land investing career. 

Reminder: Files are uploaded once you reach the checkout page!

You’ll be prompted to drag & drop them. 
(Excel, Word templates, PDFs, Images)



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What is Concierge Data

How To Order Concierge Data


Our latest and greatest solution for outsourcing the leg work of preparing and mailing your land offers mailers!

  1. We can pull your data from DataTree and begin to scrub it. We’ll remove duplicate owners, duplicate addresses, incomplete owners, incomplete and non-US addresses, and any Federal, State, or Municipal Owners. Anything more can be removed if requested.
  2. Next, our expert team complies with a market value comp file with existing land for sale and property sold for each zip code. (We use the latest scraping software to find these values.)
  3. Once we put your data in the correct mailer format, including these collected retail values, we input your offer percentage by acre size, zip code, or whatever makes sense to you.
  4. Then it’s ready for your final review. We send it back to you in “ready to mail” format so you can check to make sure it all makes sense and the offers that go in the mail reflect the real price amounts you would like to purchase the land for.
  5. Lastly if selected we will provide you with proof that is merged with your requested letter template and print & mail them once you approve it!

All along the way, we make suggestions about how others in Land Academy complete their mailers and how Jack & Jill complete successful mailers.

Service details:

  • The order minimum is 1000 records  (Regardless of the number of offers you send, it’s the same price).
  • If the mailing option is selected; envelopes, paper, printing, postage, free templates, and mail merges are all included!
  • A 3.5% credit card processing fee is applied to all orders at checkout.

Service options (Member rates): 

  • Pricing (comps) + Scrubbing (Bring your own list) – $0.60 per record
  • Pricing (comps) + Data + Scrubbing – $0.70 per record
  • Mailing + Data + Scrubbing – $0.97 per letter
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Pricing (comps) (Bring Your Own List) – $1.20 per letter
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Data + Pricing (comps) (all in one) – $1.30 per letter

Postage information:

  • Standard marketing postage is included within the listed rate.
  • Postage upgrade to First Class postage will increase the cost by $.030 per letter.

Turnaround time:

  • Determined by criteria provided.

Mailing delivery timeframe:

  • Letters are delivered within 7 – 14 business days (Weekends not included) with Standard/marketing postage.
  • First Class postage deliveries are completed within 1-7 days (Sundays not included).

Scheduling letters: 

  • We welcome you to drip/batch out your letters, it’s all done within the order form.
  • You simply provide us with a scheduled date for single mailings or schedule with detailed drip amounts  (Example: split into 4 batches send 500 every week starting asap)
  • Scheduled mailings need to be 3 business days from the date of order.

Types of files accepted: 

  •  Excel Workbooks (.xlsx or .csv) If providing a list (Must be from DataTree
  • Word Templates (.docx)
  • Providing Pre-merged PDFs will skip our approval process and send your letters to production to be printed and mailed.


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Thank you. Your file has been received. Our team will respond within 24 hours.

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We Are the Only Real Estate-Specific Direct Mail Company Specializing in Sending Blind Offers to Owners That’s Made for Property Investors by Property Investors.