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March O2O Direct Mail Insights

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Welcome to the world of direct mail for vacant land owners! In a market saturated with digital noise, direct mail offers a tangible and personal approach that stands out.

Each letter sent to vacant land owners holds the promise of unlocking lucrative opportunities. Join us as we explore how this age-old strategy continues to shape modern investing in vacant land.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out in land investment, let’s embark on this journey together towards your financial goals!

Here's Previous Month Numbers

Average Investor Order Cost: $4,222.53

Average Investor Mailing Qty: 6,302 Letters

Top Mailing Qty for 1 Order: 35,000 Letters

In February we mailed about 576,815 letters.

There were 492,413 Data Records Pulled.

We expect those letters to yield 408* or more Properties Purchased.

*This “expected” number is based on our stats and is an estimation.*

We recommend mailing 5,000 to 10,000 letters per campaign based on observed trends.

Blind Offers vs Neutral Letters

Blind Offers

(The direct approach) See land. Like land. Make immediate offer on land. But it’s not as simple as it sounds.

This method is the epitome of directness and simplicity. True to its name, this type of mailer involves immediately making an offer on your selected piece of land, without any preliminary conversations or warming up to the owner.

To make this strategy effective, deep research is crucial to determine the land’s value and make a competitive offer.

Pricing tools like Concierge Data simplify this process, by providing

  1. Pricing
  2. Data
  3. Market Value Comps
  4. Scrubbing
  5. Mailing

With this service we assist many new and experienced investors!

Pros: Highly targeted aggressive approach and researched, saves time for both parties. + Always room for negotiation if seller doesn’t like your offer!

Cons: Offers must be meticulously crafted to avoid losing potential leads. Low offers may deter property owners, and compiling such offers demands extensive research.

Neutral letters

Essentially testing the waters, expressing interest without making a full commitment.

They’re a step above a simple greeting but not as forward as a blind offer. The aim is to initiate a dialogue with potential sellers while retaining control over the offer.

The main advantage is maintaining control over the negotiation while also establishing a genuine connection with the owner. Building rapport can lead to more favorable offers and a better understanding of the property.

Neutral letters typically generate a higher response rate compared to blind offers.

However, expect to engage in conversations with owners who may not accept your offer.

This approach can attract unqualified leads expecting market-level prices, which may prolong the sales cycle.

Pros: Retain offer control, establish seller relationship,

Cons: Extended negotiation process, potential for unqualified leads.

What we've noticed in the past 60 Days?

We’ve observed a significant trend among our Offers2Owners members: a whopping 89% have been consistently utilizing blind offers, whether they are targeting land, single-family residences (SFRs), mobile homes, or commercial properties.

Conversely, the remaining 11% of our members have opted for neutral or marketing-style letters, indicating a preference for initiating conversations with potential sellers before presenting an offer.

This shift towards blind offers aligns with broader market trends at the beginning of 2024.

More investors are recognizing the efficiency and effectiveness of this direct approach.

By bypassing initial conversations and making immediate offers, investors can streamline their acquisition process and seize opportunities swiftly.

Free Land & SFR Mailer Templates

We’ve updated our Land & SFR mailer templates based on the recommendation of our Land Academy Pro Expert Transaction Coordinators.

  • We changed verbiage on Title Providers as this will vary based on the state or county you’re mailing in.
  • (MOST Important) There’s now an added Buyer Signature Block, which helps with escrow (Open & Close) and helps avoid revisions.

Check Out Our Top Mailing Services

We Have Mailer Pricing Services

Done for you Land Mailers:

Service Options:

  • Pricing (comps) + Scrubbing (Bring your own list)
  • Pricing (comps) + Data + Scrubbing
  • Mailing + Data + Scrubbing
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Pricing (comps) (Bring Your Own List)
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Data + Pricing (comps) (All in one)

You just provide the criteria & finalize offer prices – we cover the rest…

Smart Pricing Service:

Our pricing service for SFR (Single Family Residence) lists.

We’ll pull property values from up to 6 sites for all homes on your list:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Redfin
  • RealtyTrac

You pick an offer price % then Mail your letters.

Getting Started is Simple.

Schedule a call with our team!

Want to hear some Success Stories:

“O2O has been a great mailing service for me over the last few years. I’ve sent over 25,000 offers and purchased 60 deals with several more under contract to buy. The staff is very prompt and helpful in their responses and understand the business well. The pricing is also very good. O2O has worked great for me and the needs of my land business.”

– Matt S.

“It’s been great. Aaron has been extremely helpful. Recently bough for $7700 sell for $30,000 in less than 30 days

– James S.

Bought 3 contiguous 40 acre properties for $65k, sold individually for a total of $138k. Bought another property for $6800, with water rights, and sold for over $26k.

– Mike M.

“My biggest deal so far buying for $2900 and selling for $9000. Looking foward to add a zero in 2024!”

– Arthur T.

I have used O2O and other mail companies. Honestly I used another one for awhile that was a bit cheaper. But your team, your service, your communication and professionalism was way better so I have exclusively used O2O for the last couple years. I can depend on your service to get things done right consistently and that is what matters to me most.”

– Lisa D.

“We bought 2 adjacent 20-acre forest parcels from an owner who said there was a “teardown” old log cabin on each parcel. We were buying both parcels for $41,000 combined. My broker initially estimated a sale cost of $85,000. I thought he meant for both parcels combined. But once we closed on them he told me it was the sale price for EACH parcel. Then we ended up selling each for $100,000! Best deal of the year!”

– Dan S.

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