February O2O Direct Mail Insights - Offers 2 Owners

February O2O Direct Mail Insights

Beginning this month, the Offers2Owners team will offer insights on direct mail, tips on staying competitive, and trends that could enhance your investing journey!

We are dedicated to being the premier direct mail provider for investors in 2024!

You can anticipate receiving an email from the O2O Team each month with the latest insights and tips on investing through direct mail.

Here's Previous Month Numbers

Average Investor Order Cost: $3,568.05

Average Investor Mailing Qty: 5,325 Letters

Top Mailing Qty for 1 Order: 75,000 Letters

In January we mailed about 516,198 letters.

There were 648,752 Data Records Pulled.

We expect those letters to yield 371* or more Properties Purchased.

*This “expected” number is based on our stats and is an estimation.*

We recommend mailing 5,000 to 10,000 letters per campaign based on observed trends.

Investor Trends

In January, we’re already witnessing an increased number of new investors from last year who are eager to send out their first mailer campaign!

Whether you’re an experienced investor or new to direct mail, we can assist you! We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide, along with our tailored solutions for real estate investing. We don’t just help with mail; we can also assist with data lists, scrubbing, pulling market value comps, and land & SFR pricing!

Land flipping is a lucrative aspect of real estate that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Direct marketing plays a pivotal role in this field, especially as digital campaigns saturate the market. Direct marketing entails physical materials like blind offers, flyers, or neutral letters delivered directly to potential sellers.

Despite the rise of digital media such as text messaging and email, print direct marketing remains effective.

It’s a tangible way to engage prospects and maintain top-of-mind awareness.

Research indicates that direct mailers yield higher response rates after the second or third touch, emphasizing the importance of consistent Mailers and not giving up.

What we've noticed in the past 90 Days?

Were you aware that 64% of Offers2Owners users opt to schedule or drip their letters to align with their weekly mailing targets?

This approach allows investors to manage their outreach effectively. Some investors choose to stagger their mailers to anticipate incoming inquiries, while others prefer to batch them to coincide with their business setup activities.

With Offers2Owners, scheduling and batching out your letters is a straightforward process, enabling seamless management of your marketing efforts.

How to Schedule Mailings With O2O?

As you’re ordering, you select YES under the “Scheduling Mailing” section.

If you have 1 Mailing Date

  • Select NO to “Multiple Mail Dates” then specify the date you wish your letters to be mailed.


  • If you want them batched/dripped, select YES to “Multiple Mail Dates” and specify the schedule you

Free Land & SFR Mailer Templates

We’ve updated our Land & SFR mailer templates based on the recommendation of our Land Academy Pro Expert Transaction Coordinators.

  • We changed verbiage on Title Providers as this will vary based on the state or county you’re mailing in.
  • (MOST Important) There’s now an added Buyer Signature Block, which helps with escrow (Open & Close) and helps avoid revisions.

Check Out Our Top Mailing Services

We Have Mailer Pricing Services

Done for you Land Mailers:

Service Options:

  • Pricing (comps) + Scrubbing (Bring your own list)
  • Pricing (comps) + Data + Scrubbing
  • Mailing + Data + Scrubbing
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Pricing (comps) (Bring Your Own List)
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Data + Pricing (comps) (All in one)

You just provide the criteria & finalize offer prices – we cover the rest…

Smart Pricing Service:

Our pricing service for SFR (Single Family Residence) lists.

We’ll pull property values from up to 6 sites for all homes on your list:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia
  • Redfin
  • Xome.com
  • Realtor.com
  • RealtyTrac

You pick an offer price % then Mail your letters.

Getting Started is Simple.

Schedule a call with our team!

Want to hear some Success Stories:

“O2O has been a great mailing service for me over the last few years. I’ve sent over 25,000 offers and purchased 60 deals with several more under contract to buy. The staff is very prompt and helpful in their responses and understand the business well. The pricing is also very good. O2O has worked great for me and the needs of my land business.”

– Matt S.

“I quit my W-2 in June of 2022 and am making more money than I did at my soul-sucking corporate job. O2O makes it easy to perform a crucial part of this business…creating deal flow!”

– Evan W.

“In our last blind offer we sent 500 mailers for 1st, 2nd and final offer. We got back 7 contracts. we have sold 5 and have 1 pending sale. Deal #1 we grossed $95K!”

– William F.

“I’ve used Offers2Owners for every deal I’ve done so far. I’ve only done 10 deals in the last year and a half, but I plan to continue to use Offers2Owners.”

– Aaron H.

“We bought 2 adjacent 20-acre forest parcels from an owner who said there was a “teardown” old log cabin on each parcel. We were buying both parcels for $41,000 combined. My broker initially estimated a sale cost of $85,000. I thought he meant for both parcels combined. But once we closed on them he told me it was the sale price for EACH parcel. Then we ended up selling each for $100,000! Best deal of the year!”

– Dan S.

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Mail with Confidence, Expand your Marketing, Reach Your Goals.

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