April O2O Direct Mail Insights - Offers 2 Owners

April O2O Direct Mail Insights

As we enter Quarter 2 of 2024, your voice matters to us at Offers2Owners!

At Offers2Owners, our goal is to optimize your mail costs and improve your overall experience.

Your valuable feedback will guide us in customizing our services to align with your needs. We value your partnership and the chance to serve you better.

Don’t miss the opportunity to share your insights with us by participating in our Quarter 1 Survey.

Here's Previous Month Numbers

March Stats:

Average Investor Order Cost:

Average Investor Mailing Qty: 7694 Letters (20% Increase)

Top Mailing Qty for 1 Order: 126,000 Letters

In March we mailed about 535,058 letters for Investors.

There were 575,913 Data Records Pulled.

We expect those letters to yield 383* or more Properties Purchased.

*This “expected” number is based on our stats and is an estimation.*

We recommend mailing 7,000 to 10,000 letters per campaign based on observed trends.

Deciding Whether to Keep Duplicates on Your Mailer Lists?

Missed our live session? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In our recent Behind the Scenes of Concierge Data, we delved into a crucial topic: Duplicates

When it comes to mailers, especially those featuring blind offers, the primary goal is to maximize your reach to potential leads. This involves ensuring that every opportunity is seized, even if it means sending multiple letters to one owner.

Drawing insights from Land Academy, industry experts Jack and Jill advocate for retaining duplicates in your mailer files.

But why is this important?

The rationale behind keeping duplicates lies in the ability to organize your list effectively and tailor your messaging to suit each specific target.

This personalized approach ultimately leads to better outcomes.

Just think about how you’d approach someone with multiple properties compared to someone with just one – the strategies would likely differ significantly.

So, if you notice the same name appearing multiple times, it’s probable that they own multiple properties.

Removing duplicates could potentially obscure this valuable insight.

Additionally, don’t forget to cast your net wider by sending letters to all available addresses.

People move, and outdated addresses are an inevitable part of the process.

Ensuring your offer reaches as many eyes as possible is essential for a success campaign!

Ready to harness the power of Direct Mail and elevate your marketing strategy?

Allow Offers2Owners to equip you with the indispensable knowledge required for success.

Delve into Direct Mail with our eBook:

Blind Offers Sent By Mail Explained

 A Beginner’s Guide from Offers2Owners!”

Free Land & SFR Mailer Templates

We’ve updated our Land & SFR mailer templates based on the recommendation of our Land Academy Pro Expert Transaction Coordinators.

  • We changed verbiage on Title Providers as this will vary based on the state or county you’re mailing in.
  • (MOST Important) There’s now an added Buyer Signature Block, which helps with escrow (Open & Close) and helps avoid revisions.

Our Top Mailing Services

Docs Ready offers a popular Direct Mail service tailored for investors, providing 1-3 page mail-merged letters. Ideal for both novice and seasoned investors.

Neighbor Letters offers an affordable and flexible Direct Mail service tailored for individuals seeking to send marketing letters.

All of our mailing services Include:

  • Envelopes
  • Mail Merge
  • Paper
  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Free Templates & Document Revisions

We Have Mailer Pricing Services

Done for you Land Mailers:

Service Options:

  • Pricing (comps) + Scrubbing (Bring your own list)
  • Pricing (comps) + Data + Scrubbing
  • Mailing + Data + Scrubbing
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Pricing (comps) (Bring Your Own List)
  • Mailing + Scrubbing + Data + Pricing (comps) (All in one)

You just provide the criteria & finalize offer prices – we cover the rest…

Smart Pricing Service:

Our pricing service for SFR (Single Family Residence) lists.

We’ll pull property values from up to 6 sites for all homes on your list:

You pick an offer price % then Mail your letters.

Feedback From Quarter 1 :

“I have used O2O and other mail companies. Honestly I used another one for awhile that was a bit cheaper. But your team, your service, your communication and professionalism was way better so I have exclusively used O2O for the last couple years. I can depend on your service to get things done right consistently and that is what matters to me most.”

– Lisa D.

Bought 3 contiguous 40 acre properties for $65k, sold individually for a total of $138k. Bought another property for $6800, with water rights, and sold for over $26k.

– Mike M.

We’re happy with the service. The customer service is great, Aaron is very responsive and helpful. We plan to use O2O for our continuing mailer needs. We made about $20K in profit in year one and looking forward to scaling!

– Aniel M.

Getting Started is Simple.

Schedule a call with our team!

“My biggest deal so far buying for $2900 and selling for $9000. Looking forward to add a zero in 2024!”

– Arthur T.

“Amazing. A deal in 2023 took over a year of follow up and managing due to title issues and other things but we made the large $133K after said and done quickly.”

– Herbert G.

“Going on 4-5 years and it’s been great. On most deals I 3-4x my money. No more self closes. All deals 20k and up.

– Christian S.

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