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Since we have discussed all things direct mail in most of the previous blogs, today, we will be talking about a different type of marketing. We will be discussing a form of marketing that is known by almost everyone who has a working email address. That is correct we will be talking about Email Marketing.  

At some point you are bound to log in to your account, check your inbox, and be greeted with an email from someone you do not know and talking about something you do not care about. Here is one of the worst parts not only did someone spend money on that marketing campaign but that email won the fight against your email spam filter.  

Most email accounts have built-in spam blockers that keep stuff out of your inbox so you do not receive content or ads that you did not sign up for. This means that a huge percentage of the emails that you see in your email accounts junk folder were paid for just for them to land in a folder that barely ever gets checked. Not only that, but every email in there periodically gets deleted. That is the life of an email marketing campaign.  

On the other hand, if you have the consent of the people who you send these emails to, it can work amazingly well. If they signed up for them, it means they are looking forward to what you have to offer. Whether it is a product that you’re selling or you’re trying to get some information across, whatever the content may be, there will be a high percentage of recipients that will read the email.  

Another advantage to email marketing is that you can reach a global audience. That may not always apply to real estate unless you plan on doing deals internationally or are promoting your business, but will work for almost all other industries. It also works quite well in terms of reaching an already engaged audience. Since the results from email campaigns are easy to measure, it makes this type of marketing quite efficient when done correctly.   

It is also fairly easy to start building a brand using email marketing as well. Specifically when it comes to strengthening business relationships, generating calls, improving company communication as a whole and in some cases, building credibility.  

As it is with some forms of marketing, it can be overdone if the same content is sent over and again. So it is always better to come up with new ideas and ways to design and work these campaigns so your audience stays engaged and are actually excited when they receive something from you, compared to the marketer who sends out the same thing over and over again multiple times a day. 

We will discuss other types of marketing, Direct Mail Campaigns and more in the upcoming blogs. This is Umar Awan for Offers2Owners, thank you for reading and I will catch you on the next one.  

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