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We have all received some type of a letter pertaining to Real Estate in our mailboxes at some point. Whether it is from a company that is trying to promote or advertise themselves, or from a company that owns properties in a specific area and are trying to sell them. Regardless of the content, they generally do not receive much interest from the general audience and any impression this sort of mail makes is forgotten relatively quickly. Some of the reasons for why such letters are easily disregarded is due to short introductions and lack of personalization.  


In order to receive a better response rate and engage with the recipients, there are a few things that can be changed or added to these letters. You can start with a template that describes you, your company and the purpose of the letter. In the case of a Real Estate specific offer letter, the purpose is to purchase a property by sending out a cash offer to a property owner.  

This is the exact method that Steven Butala and Jill DeWit perfected and use today, to consistently purchase thousands of properties below market value.  


The offer letters we mail currently, include two pages enclosed in a dual windowed envelope. The first page consisting of a descriptive introduction and reason for the letter, alongside an explanation of where we received the recipient’s information from. The second page being a Purchase Agreement, with the dollar amount being offered for the property, property details and a place for the recipient to sign if they are interested in selling.  


These letters also include the phone number, address, email address and website of the sender to create a more personal connection with the recipient while establishing credibility. The addresses for the sender and the recipient show out of the envelope windows for a neat and professional look. The only thing on the envelope itself is the printed postage.  


There are some other factors that apply towards what kind of a response rate you receive with these letters. One of the most important factors being how accurately your mailers are priced. If you offer too low of an amount for the properties in your targeted area, you can end up receiving negative responses. On the other hand, if your offer price is too high, you will end up receiving responses from owners who are ready to sell immediately due to your offer being above market value. These factors and more will be discussed in the upcoming blogs.  

This is Umar Awan for Offers2Owners, thank you for reading and I will catch you on the next one.  


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