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Ownership Data Records come straight from the County Assessor. Currently, we get this data from three different data providers. The first provider being CoreLogic’s Real Quest, the second one being Black Knight’s TitlePro247, and the third one being First American Title’s DataTree. Getting these records is the first step to starting a Direct Mail campaign and it is crucial to understand the information you are receiving when you receive this data.  

The three companies mentioned above have excellent coverage and provide many various types of data. There are hundreds of options available once you start working towards picking a county or targeting an area to send out a mailer to. One of the extremely important options is property characteristics. You need to identify what type of property you are going after prior to diving deeper and tweaking smaller, more technical options such as zoning, residential acreage etc. 

These data providers being three of the very best and consistently providing accurate records also come at a price. Steven and Jill, keeping that in mind introduced all three at a much lower rate to Land Academy and House Academy Members. Being licensed re-providers of all three companies, they are able to offer the same amazing records and products at nearly half the cost.  

These records include the mailing addresses and names of the recipients of your letters, alongside a lot more information. They include different property values to help you price your offer letters accurately as well as the Assessor Parcel Numbers and Legal Descriptions, so you and your recipients always know exactly which property you have sent a letter out to purchase.  

There are multiple areas where the same owners or companies own widespread acres of land. In many cases, they are ready to sell more than just one lot or are ready to purchase more. This is a positive situation whether you are trying to purchase or sell your properties. You also have the option to add them to what Steven and Jill call a “Buyers List,” which means the next time you have a property for sale in that area, you can now contact them to see if they want to purchase it.  

Most (if not all) of this data comes in the form of Excel Spreadsheets with each column labeled on the top for what kind of information exists in the cells below it. There are different ways and strategies to format these columns, rows and cells. There are formulas that help you price these offers and there is no specific way to go about all of this. Different methods work with different people when it comes to setting up your records and getting your mailers done.  

We will discuss these records and more in the next blog. This is Umar Awan for Offers2Owners, thank you for reading and I will catch you on the next one.  

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