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We have discussed various details and processes regarding Direct Mail Campaigns in the last few blogs. Today, we will be discussing some of the documents and files you will need to work on and prepare in order to begin your campaign. 

As discussed in the last blog, the property data you work with comes in the form of Excel Spreadsheets. You can begin by studying the spreadsheet and making sure all the columns and rows have accurate data. You may not be able to verify certain things regarding the properties, but you can start entering and verifying the headings and information that applies to you. Most of the columns that have property information already come pre-filled with labels and headings directly from the data provider. 

The second file that will demand your focus is your Letter Template which generally exists in a Microsoft Word format. You can begin working on your template by replacing text, lines, paragraphs and entering in more information that applies to you and your campaign. This is a very important step because in most cases, the verbiage in your letter correlates to the credibility you are trying to establish.  

Some fields that exist in your Excel spreadsheet and Word document need to be identical and identified as Merge Fields. The reason for these fields is for the data to get pulled accurately during the merge for these documents and match certain information like your name, address, website etc. If these fields are not set up correctly, there will be missing information in your letters. Due to this missing or incorrect information, a potential or motivated seller may not be able to contact you. 

In order to avoid some of the mistakes mentioned above, you can always carefully check certain parts of your letters and view various proofs prior to them being mailed out. One of the many ways to accurately do this is to thoroughly scan different parts of your letters from the top, middle and bottom of your final merged document. 

When going through the process of setting up your files and starting a Direct Mail Campaign, there are certain methods that need to be applied for the process to run efficiently. However, that does not mean that every step needs to be applied in a specific order. I have been lucky enough to learn some of these processes and steps directly from Steven and Jill, but they also make it a point to say that “it is about what works for you” even though their methods have worked for hundreds of people. 

We will discuss everything mentioned above and more in the next blog.  This is Umar Awan for Offers2Owners, thank you for reading and I will catch you on the next one. 

Happy Mailing!

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