Big Changes Coming With O2O - Offers 2 Owners
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By Aaron Belt

We at Offers2Owners would like to formally introduce you to our new Manager Aaron Belt.
If you haven’t spoken to me yet, you will soon! I’ve stepped in and implanted new changes that many of you may already have heard or seen. As Offers2Owners continues to break RECORDS monthly. As more and more mailers are going out, we are noticing the same minor mistakes in mailings. Luckily these are easily fixed and preventable, by you looking at our Resources to find our Free Templates, FAQ’s, and Videos. These will bring you information on the most common mistakes and how to have your Documents ready for Merging and or Printing.

Some Updates:
We have some great site updates, features, and new products coming your way!
We thought long and hard on what motivates YOU to get the ball rolling and staying consistent on getting your mail out – after all, YOU are our priority. We decided to do something that no other Bulk Mailing company does and offer you all 10% Off your Offers2Owners orders EVERY Wednesday!
As always, we appreciate your business and feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or give us a call at 800-725-8816.

Happy Mailing!

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