Minor update and Good News - Offers 2 Owners
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By Aaron Belt

Offers2Owners has something coming that we are excited to share with you all coming this year – Keep an eye on your emails and our social media pages!

It is time to share, Offers2Owners is growing since our establishment in September 2017, we have sent over 7 million pieces of mail to date. Meaning that our members have generated over 100 million in net equity.

During these times we expected things to change forever and less mail going out. We were pleasantly surprised that our members have taken advantage of the time spent at home. Offers2Owners is on track to break another record for mail sent within a year.

Minor Updates: 

If you have not seen/heard it yet, I am happy to formally announce that we have opened Smart Pricing Service to ALL Land and House Academy members.

Smart Pricing Service is a service Offers2Owners provides to Investors who would like to sub out the task for pulling values of homes from five sites Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, realtor.com, and RealtyTrac. You using this service have a better idea of what the average price it for that home/market, which in return makes it easier to price your lists. This process is the same one covered in House Academy 1.0; SFRs (single family residences) Education Program (Chapter 6)!

We want to give a spotlight on one of the products that we think everybody should try at least once, which is Full Service – which we consider a 2 in 1, which is a combination of Docs Ready and Property Ownership Records.

How it works: 

  1. We download your data using data provided by Data Tree & Real Quest
  2.  You will scrub your data & add your pricing to the list we provide you with 
  3. We complete a Mail Merge with your/our letter template  
  4. You will receive a PDF copy to review, which you may make changes to or approve it through our Document Dashboard
  5.  After that, we will then get it printed and inserted in an envelope and mailed

If you would like to try Full-Service, go to the product page, and schedule a call with a member of Offers2Owners.

We will discuss all things O2O and more in the upcoming blogs. This is Aaron Belt for Offers2Owners, thank you for reading and I will catch you on the next one.

Happy Mailing!

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