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Let us do the work for you! The Full-Service package includes standard postage, offer letter template, mail merge assistance, owners data and total care.

Quantity should match the total number of lines in the data you submit to us.



We complete the entire campaign on your behalf. You don’t need any ownership data or experience sending blind offers. Just tell us where to send the offers and for how much. 

Great for anyone who would like to simply send us a file and leave the rest to us. Join hundreds of our customers who send out offers every month.

Same price per offer if you send 500 or 10,000,000 offers. No setup fee.

3.5% credit card processing fee applied to all order at checkout.


What is “Full Service”?

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4 reviews for Full Service

  1. Olivia Sage

    Switching to Offers2Owners was the best choice I could have made for my business. I’ve tried out many other services, and have constantly had to battle to get my letters actually sent out on time, and in the format I want. That isn’t the case with Offers2Owners at all. Gen makes it so easy and responds so quickly to everything I send her – keep up the good work!

  2. Thelma Felix

    I can’t rave enough about this service and about Gen. Before this, I was handwriting letters and self-addressing envelopes. I had no idea how inexpensive and quick this business could actually be. Gen walked me through the whole process, and now I’ve put more offers in the mail in the last week than I have in the months and months of doing letters myself. This is amazing, thank you so much.

  3. Scott Ercoles

    As a former yellowletters fan I am now sold on Offers2Owners. I never received the kind of service and attention to detail as I received from Jenn. (And the rate is the lowest anywhere!)

  4. stassel

    I have no idea how I managed before finding Offers2Owners. I started handwriting my own letters and quickly found that to be WAY more costly and time consuming than I realized. Now I can spend my time on the important parts of my property business.Thank you!!!

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