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Docs Ready (Single-Page)


Same as our standard Docs Ready service but a single-page mailer.

This product is ideal for clients who have experience with the Offers2Owners services or similar companies.

Example usage: Buyer Letters, Sales Announcements, and more! Quantity should match total number of lines in the data you submit to us.



Please note that this service is just like our Docs Ready service, but with a SINGLE PAGE ONLY!

Single-page mailers are great for Buyer Letters, Sales Announcements, or simply to let the targeted audience of your mailing campaign know that you have an announcement.

Your documents are in order. You know what you are doing and realize it’s way faster, cheaper and better to sub this task out.

Regardless of the number of offers you send, it’s the same price. 100 order minimum, 1-page letter.

Envelopes, paper, printing, postage, free templates, and mail-merges all included!

3.5% credit card processing fee applied to all orders at checkout.

What is “Docs Ready”?


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