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Concierge Data Plus (Data, Scrubbing, Pricing + Mailing)


Have you ever wanted an “easy button” to complete your custom blind offer campaigns to purchase undervalued real estate? Well, here it is! Concierge Data Plus is Land Academy’s latest product to make buying land and selling it for more money, easier.

We created this product at the request of two types of Land Academy members:

  1. You’re brand new and need help getting your first few mailers out… 
  2. You’re an experienced land investor and would like to explore “outsourcing” the data/mail part of your business so you can concentrate and managing existing deals. 

Here’s how to complete a custom Concierge Data Plus order:

Call the number below and we will walk you through the process to get your offers in the mail OR fill the order out below and hit submit when you’re done. Our Concierge Data Plus Expert will contact you with questions. 

Either way, it’s the first step to getting offers in the mail. Call us! 

We will help you no matter where you are in your land investing career. 


Call First and we will fill out this form for you!

But if you feel comfortable filling this out yourself, you can submit it and we will call you to finish the process.

Concierge Data Plus Land Data Criteria Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Choose From the Three Options!
  • If left blank offer percentage will be set at 25% (Placeholder)
  • The state you would like to search
  • The county you would like to search. Note: We only allow one county per 1,000 records in each order
  • Select the range(s) of lot acreage you would like to search. If a smaller range is required, please indicate your ideal amount in the "Additional Criteria" field at the bottom of the form.
  • Provide any other search criteria or details you would like to be considered when we pull your data
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Please remember we have been doing mailers under Jack’s direction for years… Here’s how it goes.

After you tell us which zip codes or counties you would like to send blind offers to - we complete the following:  

  1. We will pull your data from and begin to scrub it. We remove duplicate owners, duplicate addresses, incomplete owners, incomplete and non-US addresses, and any Federal, State, or Municipal Owners. Anything more can be removed if requested. 
  2. Next, our expert team collects retail values of existing land for sale and property sold. We use the latest scraping software to find these values. 
  3. Once we put your data in the correct mailer format, including these collected retail values, we contact you so you can price the mailer by giving us your offer percentage by acre size, zip code, or whatever makes sense to you. We input those values for you. 
  4. Then it’s ready for your final review. We send it back to you in “ready to mail” format so you can check to make sure it all makes sense and the offers that go in the mail reflect the real price amounts you would like to purchase the land for. 

All along the way, we make suggestions about how others in Land Academy complete their mailers and how Jack & Jill complete successful mailers.  

See the video below for how it works… 

Offers2Owners and any of its affiliates are not responsible for the outcome of your mailer or the quality of the data. Please choose your data criteria carefully in order to get the use type that you want. Results may vary. Additional data revisions are subject to an additional charge. Offers2Owners reserves the right to reject any submitted data.

Price is based on the number of records downloaded from the data source or provided/ or approved by the customer1000 unit order minimum. Pre-orders are accepted but have a 60-day maximum waiting period and data or data criteria must be submitted at the end of the period. Pre-orders are not eligible for cancellation 7 days after the order was placed.  3.5% credit card processing fee applied to all orders at checkout.


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