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Meet The Team



Our leader, Steven, provides tools, capital and encouragement to our staff and customers based on the completion of more than 15,000 transactions since 1999. Other than that, he stays out of our way. He’s a bit shy but when push comes to shove he’s ragingly intelligent and ready to do his part.




Jill’s hands are in every  facet of this company. You may have heard it in the podcasts, but she truly is the inspiration behind us all. Jill has great oversight into all aspects of this business, keeps everyone in check, and she leaves no stone unturned in her approach. We all learn something from Jill every day, and there really is no replacement for her lifelong experience with customers.



If you are roaming the O2O website, then there is a good chance that you have already spoken to him or are about to. Umar is our Client Services Manager and assists with anything related to O2O, from navigation to orders and everything in between. He has his foot in the door with some of our other companies and projects as well but this is definitely his area of expertise.


Erin brings many years of experience to the table and is available to assist clients with their bulk mail orders on Offers2Owners. Erin also manages Land Pin, a premier real estate site where sellers can post land for sale to attract interested buyers.


We have thousands of success stories / customers. Here’s what three say…

We were previously using (which do a great job). With Offers2Owners we get personal assistance with managing data, organizing the mail merges and getting the offers in the mail quickly. We save $2,000 a month and counting outsourcing printing. We can now do the while job right here from our office.

David V.

Offers2Owners is so easy to use, it allows me to be a deal maker, not a mail merge expert.

Luke Smith

I’m so glad the O2O staff understands me. I am not a numbers or math person. Every month they help me to get offers in the mail and do what I do best; buy land! Thanks Gen for your kind help.

Kathleen DeNault-Ridge